Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Men Say the Darndest Things

I was having a conversation with Nannette this evening, discussing plans for Friday morning. Sometimes my husband likes to listen in on my conversations and make a comment here and there. We were discussing where to go for breakfast and who would be coming along. First he suggested a place close to our bank and home that wouldn't be out of any one's way. Then he asked the question "Is Hooters open for breakfast". I think he made the association of one of our friends and Hooters. Nannette and I continued the discussion wondering if this one certain friend had any real clout at Hooters. If so could he call and have the place open for us? Would we get first rate service because of him? We imagined the NR plated car pulling into the lot and the red carpet going down, the doors being opened for us, and our food being delivered hot and fast. All this time we were talking my husband was sitting at the kitchen table. I looked over and saw his chin resting on his hands and this far away look in his eyes. I think he was envisioning every man's dream. Red carpet service at his local Hooters. We scrapped the idea and are going elsewhere.

Today marked my 3rd full day on the QC job. As I walked through the lines I used to work on I noticed how none of the operators had a smile on their faces. (I had a smile) I stopped to talk to one of my co-worker/friend for a minute and she was a bit crabby. "Ask me why I didn't put in for the QC job" was what she said. Good thing she didn't because she has a bit more seniority then me. I hope I don't have to kick myself in the butt someday, but I'm so glad to be off the line. I'll admit I'm a little stressed with the new workload but it's all coming together. I'm tired, but I'm not crabby. I have 6 days to learn all the ropes and my trainer is gone. Then I'll get help from my newly appointed supervisor who knows nothing of the testing we do. This could be interesting and fun at the same time. He doesn't even know he's supposed to be wearing steel toed shoes!

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