Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Wanderer

Ever wonder why when one thing you own breaks and requires repair that other things will soon follow suite? It started with my truck making a noise for the past few weeks. It would only happen once in a while and therefore was hard to diagnosis. Well of course it decided to act up when we left for camping. My plan was to take it in Monday morning. My husband had other plans and after talking to our neighbor (a service manager) found the problem and fixed it for $10.00 and a few hours under the truck. My hero..he save us at least $100.00. Well we all know when you save on one thing that something else will break. In our case it was the ceiling fan in our dining room. I went to turn it on after work yesterday and it had one speed-super slow. Then it began to make a grinding noise and just stopped dead. Once again Mr. Fix-It to the rescue only this was a lost cause. This would require a trip to our local Menard's as the light also went out.

Menard's wasn't exactly on my list of things to do last night, but I we decided to kill two birds with one stone and get some other things needed for the yard and repairs. Once there we went right to the ceiling fans which took about two minutes to irk me. I had no problem finding a fan from the tons they have on display, but apparently we should have brought along someone able to read another language. Every box we looked had the Spanish side of the box facing out, requiring us to turn each box in order to read it. Now to be fair, maybe they could have turned 1/2 the boxes with the English language facing out. I saw this as not only a huge inconvenience to a customer, but also a safety hazard. There was an elderly couple also looking at fans and he was having a problem lifting and turning the box so he could read it. I realize a company wants to appeal to all customers (money is money) but is it to much to ask that they appeal to the natural origin customers also? BTW the ceiling fan ended up costing as much as the savings on the truck.

We then went along our way, picking up a few things and then it was on to the paint department. I suggested I wait for the paint while he went to get the last thing on the list. I told him that I would come over by him after waiting for the paint. As he walked away I knew I had made a mistake...again. From where I was standing I had a clear view of him walking toward the window area. I saw him take two detours then I lost sight of him. After securing the paint I started off toward the window area. I did not detour, but rather stayed in the main aisle and glanced down each window aisle. Not a sight of him. I ran into a neighbor , a former co-worker and the Dillers. Staying in the main aisle I chatted with them for a moment while still keeping my eye out for him. As they walked away they promised to send him my way if they spotted him.

I continued to look around in the area and then I pulled out my cellphone. I'd had enough at that point. As I was making the call I spotted the Dillers once again and saw that they were sending my lost husband toward me. He was on the complete opposite side of the store. Back by the paint. I saw he was carrying a roll of tape and wondered if he had ever gotten over to the windows at all. Turns out he had no luck in that area and rather than coming back to the paint area right away he stopped to look at a few things. As we were walking toward the check-out I lost him two more times. You would think by now I would learn my lesson in going to the store with my husband. I think I go with him because I fear that if he goes alone he may not come home for a few days and I would really miss him.

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