Tuesday, May 18, 2010

FT 9005

Yes, that is you. Mr. Litterbug. I had the pleasure of driving behind you on the freeway this morning and discovered that you must either be quite the chain smoker or felt the need to empty your ashtray along the way. The three or four cigarette butts that came out your window and toward my truck irked me a tad. I'm not a butt flicker so I have no tolerance for people that do. Use an empty water bottle or ashtray and then take the time to empty it in the proper place. So if that wasn't enough you felt the need to toss your empty coffee cup right out your window. WTF! Carry a small trash bag in your car for these things. Good thing you exited because Lord knows what was going to come flying out next. Our city streets & freeways are not a giant garbage can and should not be used as such. Do you think you have people for that?
Done with that soapbox and on to the next...

Let's talk rude people for a minute. I'm at the local WalMart and walking in the entrance. Guy is coming out with his cart. First off I am going in the door clearly marked "Enter". He is coming out the "Enter" door. He's not moving to the side, just walking right through the middle. I figure he's not going to move so I move to the side. As he walks past I politely say "excuse me" to which he answers "F You". I was a little floored and wondered what I had did wrong and my moment of confusion turned to anger and I nicely replied " F You Too Asshat". Didn't feel any better after I did so. I wasted words on a jerk. Apparently I wasn't the only confused one because Mr. Cart Giver-outer had the same confused look that I did.

On a lighter note...3 more days until the first camping trip of the season. It's been a long 8 months. I think making a list may be in order to ensure nothing is left behind. First non-drinkable item on the list will be my shiny new flashlight. Then of course come the other essential items- cold cup, Lawn chair, some clothes, blanket, pillow, shower shoes, notice there is no rain gear in this list, that's because there is not rain in the forecast (for now), I guess some food would be a good item to pack also, a book, some rag magazines, toothbrush, comb, a hat, and that's all I have for now. Three days.


Hey Jo said...

Make sure your flashlight isn't from Target. I read in Consumer Reports that they recalled some flashlights that started on fire. Target has since pulled them.

StB said...

hate to be the one to mention rain but... there is a chance on Friday.