Monday, May 24, 2010

That Was Just What I Needed

It had been 8 months since we had been camping. Last season we ended up canceling the last two trips due to weather and changes in plans, so I had been looking forward to this trip. When I woke up Friday morning to rain and fog I didn't even care. But luck was on our side as by the time we left it had cleared up.
Once we got to our destination everyone went about their own little duties of setting up camp. One by one others arrived and within no time things were set up and people were relaxing with a beverage of choice. The rest of the weekend went well. Beside one or two useless June bugs we weren't bothered by bugs unless you want to count the few ticks that were found on shoes or socks. The only critter we saw was a chipmunk that took an interest to the peanut shells that didn't make it into the fire pit.
The weather was great. A little toasty on Saturday afternoon but those who did not care for the sun were able to find shade. As usual the food was good and the silly songs made up about the food drew plenty of laughter.
The most enjoyable part of the weekend was my ability to sleep straight through the night. Both nights I heard or woke to nothing until 7 hours later when the sun hit the camper. There were no trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I slept through someones car alarm, barking dogs and others getting up. I woke up well rested and feeling pretty good. My hubbie also noted how well he slept. We discussed this on the way home and I suggested he set up the camper in the driveway and we'll just sleep out there. Who would think that sleeping on a piece of plywood with a thin mattress would give you such comfort?

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StB said...

hmmm... I didn't need to pee in the middle of the night earlier.