Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Who Opened The Flood Gates?

We really do need this rain so I really shouldn't complain. Right now it doesn't bother me because I'm at work and can't do much outside anyway. Just wondering if Dylan's first baseball game of the season will be rained out tonight. I just heard the rain is to diminish early this evening with a high of 47 degrees. I foresee one large mud puddle of a baseball field. To the boys it might be fun. To the observers it could be a little uncomfortable.
Sounds a little silly seeing as I stand outside and watch him play football in the rain and cold. My logic in that is it is later in the season and I expect it to be cold and rainy. I guess only time will tell today whether or not I will be sitting on the bleachers in the cold and rain cheering his team on.
I was going to write about our fridge at work today but I see my friend Super Steve has already written a blurb on his work fridge. I just have to say that ours is nasty. It's been said that it was cleaned out last Friday but I have my doubts. We are told that on cleaning day "all containers, bags, and leftover food will be thrown away". The same cottage cheese container from a month ago is in there. There is a bag of cantaloupe cut up that has turned to mostly all juice. Our fridge is now used by more than 15 people. Some office personnel have just moved to our area and with it came their lunches, water bottles and bags of food. Plus, when a fridge is cleaned out wouldn't someone wipe the shelves clean of the ketchup goobers. I'll just keep my little lunch tote on top of the fridge as always.

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