Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Plan

Yesterday I made a plan for today. It was simple. Go to Dylan's baseball game, come home and lay out on the deck in the new lawn chair my husband purchased for me for my birthday. This is what really happened:
Got up at 7:30. Phone call a little bit later that mother in law was having issues with her lawn mower. My husband said he'd stop in the afternoon and check it out. Got to Dylan's game by 9. Throughout the game I made note of the weather. By the time I would get home the air would be warmer and the conditions would be perfect for an hour or so on the deck with good book and maybe a nap. Left the game at 10:45 and mentioned to my husband that he should stop at his mother' s house on the way home instead of making another trip. My first mistake. We pull up and see his niece and sister by the garage with the hood open on the niece's truck. Didn't pass emissions and they were trying to replace a part. Of course Barney got right in there. During the stop I received a phone call from my grand daughters who had a tragic story. It appeared that their friends were all going to the mall and the friends mother was suppose to pick them up however got called into work. She was willing to pick them up but wouldn't be staying with them. Of course my daughter would not be able to take them as she can't drive nor walk around the mall and didn't want them going without parental supervision. Some sucking up was done to get me to go. Figured I could kill two birds with one stone and do the mall walk and return an item . This could delay the original plan. An hour later we left the mother in laws house with the lawn mower in the back of the truck. The impatient girls were waiting and we took off for the mall. I walked the mall they walked around with their friends. I gave them one hour and them were good with it. Upon leaving the mall I noticed some clouds forming. My plan was starting to fizzle out. Got a call to please stop and pick something up on the way home. Another 10 minute delay.
Turning the corner of my street I saw there could still be some hope for my plan. Parked and got out of the truck and walking up the driveway I hear the neighbor call out my name. Damn!
1/2 hour long driveway conversation. Made it into the house with one thing on my mind. Here it is now 3 hours later and my plan has been completely wiped out. "what time is dinner" I think if I get up early enough tomorrow I can pack my chair in my trunk and find a nice secluded spot somewhere. The phone will be accidentally left behind.

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