Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Another trip to Menard's is in order. This time to return the ceiling fan purchased the day before. It appears the fan only runs with a remote. I commend my husband for telling me before he installed it. I just don't think we need to search the house for yet another remote to turn a fan on. Apparently we should have read the foreign language on the box a little better prior to purchasing it. I picked up one that would more fit our needs at my local WalMart last night. Problem solved.

On to baseball. A good majority of Dylan's games are at a later time this year. When I saw the 7:45 start last night I had second thoughts on going. I have an early start this week and was really beat due to lack of sleep the past few days. The time rolled around and my final decision was to go. Barney told me to go and if I got tired I could leave early. I knew that wouldn't happen.

The game started out bad. The first inning had them down 4-0. They were hitting but the Sox were quick and accurate in fielding. The A's (Dylan's team) stranded a few in the first 3 innings. As all the kids are given a chance to play Dylan sat out the first two innings. He came on in the 3rd and hit a double and two batters later was driven in. 3-1 end of 3rd inning. Sox score 1 run in the 4th and manage to get out of a bases loaded situation with a 2nd to home double play that had the stands on their feet. 5th inning- A's have bases loaded and 2 outs. Dylan hits to the outfield and 3 runs score. He ends up on 2nd and then on a wild pitch gets to 3rd and then is driven home. They held them the rest of the game. Final score 5-4.

In the end I made the right decision by going and staying for the entire game. So what if Grandma's a little tired today. The game was played well and the game ball went to Dylan. I admire his modesty in saying his coaches should receive the ball for their coaching, hard work and patience with all of the kids on the team. "But I'll just take it".

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