Monday, May 03, 2010

Headache Gone

I woke up this morning to the birds chirping and a nice breeze blowing in my window. It was almost as if the morning went out of its way to greet me. As I went about my morning rituals I found myself it a very good mood. Packed my lunch which included a Jell-O pudding (one of many that I received as a birthday gift), fed the dogs and off I went.
The ride in was good as there isn't much traffic at 5 am. I found myself singing along with the radio and didn't even have the dreaded Monday morning feeling. Got to work, did a few things and at 7 went out to the line for the daily production meeting. My mood was great! My headache was gone! Yes, the headache in the form of a person has been transferred from our department. No longer will I need to listen to her complaining or witness her mood swings. It could be better noted as the thorn in my side has been removed. See, good things do come to those who wait!.

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