Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hmm. Not to Bad

Thanksgiving at my home turned out to be a much smaller group than usual. Although there were some key people missing (K & J) my daughter was in awe as she got a seat at the adult table after 26 years. She did mention that her joy was not all well meant as she did miss her favorite Uncle and Aunt being there. I managed to save them enough side-dishes to bring over yesterday.
It's always been kind of an annual thing for my two sister-in-laws and I to shop on Black Friday. In the past we've been crazy enough to go to the Craft Fair and Southridge. One year we stupidly carted our kids to Best Buy at 6am for a tv which was sold out by 6:02. Of course they only had 5 in the store. One year we also went to Target at 6 a.m. for the "hard to get" Cabbage Patch Dolls, only to find them in abundance. So we quit the early thing, stayed away from Malls and just kind of go whenever. Yesterday we met for breakfast at 7:30 and planned on only going to two stores. The crowds weren't bad. We never had more than two people in line in front of us. Kohls on Howell was the worst. Of course their Early Bird Special went until noon. I walked out of there with two items that were not even on my list. I then sat outside with sister-in-law one and we people watched while waiting for sister-in-law two. That was probably the most fun. As it was nearing noon, we were able to catch the people rushing in to get the goods before the price went up. The hot item seemed to be a DVD player which they had plenty of.
We parted ways at a little after 12 and I ended up hitting a few more stores. I am glad to say that my shopping is 80% complete. Trying to get suggestions from my father is alway a joke, and as usual this year my mother gave me a list for him. The hankerchiefs were not on there this year. This year was a hand held Monopoly game. I have never seen that but she swears that a few years ago my brother bought him one. So, like a dope I searched a few stores and got some interesting looks when I inquired about them. I finally broke down and called my brother who cannot recall ever buying him one. We then came to the conclusion that it was either Yatzee or Scrabble. I then asked my mother again and now she's not so she yell's out to my dad to inquire and he, in his patient answer to my mother, tells her that he never had a hand held Monopoly game.."what the hell are you talking about, you silly old woman". So ends my search.
I went to visit J last night. She's doing very well. Looking a little tired but she's in great spirits.
After a long day, and feeling quite beat I went home and just wanted to veg out and maybe view a little tv. I came home to my brother and his children who have overtaken my living room and were watching a movie themsleves. I then opted for the bedroom tv and found my husband spralled across the bed searching desperatly for the station that Vegas was on. My next option was the tv in the basement or the garage. No DVD players in either area. I felt completly homeless for a second. My homeless wonder was interupted by a drunken phone call from someone. For one small second I pondered getting back in the car and venturing out. I ended up going to bed by 10 with the man who was still desperatly searching for his show.

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