Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Day at the Hospital

"She's looking good. I'm very happy with the surgery and am very confident that we got it all." Of course she'll need some follow up but she made a wise decision for treatment and I'm happy that she chose the option that she did". The words of J's doctor last night.
It's been a rough few weeks for her but the little trooper held up. I commend my brother also for his strength. While sitting in the waiting room for a few hours last night, I could just see the strain and worry showing on his face and in his actions. Jiggly boy was nearly shaking the entire room. After the doctor came out and talked to us, his entire face just changed. The tension lines went away. He fired questions at the doctor and I'm pretty sure he wanted to hug her. When they came and told us we could see her I swear he ran. I started to tear up a little at that point because I realized how much he loves her. And rightfully so.
So on this Thanksgiving Day I plan on giving a lot of thanks, because this day isn't just about who got who's land and who ate dinner with who. It's about giving Thanks. Not that we should only Thank Him once a year on a certain date, but this day reminds us of what we should be doing everyday. I know that she would want to extend a huge Thanks to her family, K's family and all her friends for their prayers and support through-out these past few weeks.
Tomorrow, instead of shopping, I think I may have scared J a little by telling her I'm coming to her house to lay on her bed with her and watch movies all day.
We are providing meals on wheels for her and K today. Complete with pumpkin pie. I'm pretty sure she's getting a double dose of that today as her parents were also planning a meal run.
Wishing you all a good day! Don't eat to much.

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