Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Power Outage!!!

We were humming along just fine at work last night when all of a sudden...poof. No power! Now usually a person would welcome a power outage, but to us it meant just plain "crap". I have been blessed to work with people who like to keep busy. Time seems to go buy a little quicker. At the time I was in the warehouse carting out some boxes and if it wasn't for the lights on the forklift I would have been totally in the dark (more than I usually am). This happened at 11pm. By 1:00 the lights were back on, however then we lost our server and data logger and could do nothing machine wise. So cleaning it was.
My mind really wasn't on work anyways. My mind was on my friend-a.k.a. Gambino. My mind was on trying to figure out why bad things happen to good people. Is this something we'll all find out someday? In my heart I know she'll be okay. She just has too. She's a very strong person, but even strong people need to break sometimes. We both broke the other night. I knew it was just a matter of time before we both shed the tears. What got to me the most is my husband hugging her. He is not one to share his feelings but he truely cares for her and is shaken by the past months events with her. So I have to ask all of you who read this to take a few minutes today and send some messages up above asking HIM to watch over our friend. I know he'll listen. Then tomorrow we'll all have more to be really Thankful for.

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StB said...

Already done. But I will throw in another just in case.