Thursday, November 09, 2006

So sick of Pizza

I'm not a huge fan of pizza in the first place, but I have to say if I see another slice of pizza in the near future I may scream. During the past two weeks a few of us from work have been working at a company that is building a machine for us. We've alternated lunch between Cousins or Pizza. Cousins at least can give you some variety, but they continue to order the same pizza selection every time. I know I really shouldn't complain as they're buying it for us. Today I had actually packed a lunch but forgot it in my haste to leave this morning. I was hoping that I wouldn't come home from work today and find that my husband made a pizza. Poor guy hasn't had a decent home cooked meal in about 3 weeks with the hours I've been working, but hey, the freezer is full and the cupboards are stocked with items that he can easily make. Besides that I am plain bored with cooking. I find no excitement in it. It's more of a chore to me than anything else. Maybe it's from so many years of doing it, that I just am cooking burnt out. I envy my friend as her husband does all the cooking and prepares these nice healthy home made meals daily. My trade for having a cooking husband would be cleaning up the kitchen afterwards. I don't mind the dishes it's getting the spaghetti sauce off the ceiling that I have a problem with.
We're going to Keshena this weekend with friends. I'm using it more as a get away and relax weekend. Haven't had one of those in awhile. Maybe I'll put a few bucks into a slot machine and see what happens.

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