Sunday, November 26, 2006

Last Day Off

Today is the last of my 5 days off. I sure was busy for not getting much done. Like right now, I'm supposed to be wrapping some presents to get them out of the spare room and here I am blogging. It'll get done.
I've been observing A putting out Christmas lights. He's working pretty hard as a matter of fact. So far there have only been two trips to the store but he's looking mighty grumpy. Guess I shouldn't have mentioned putting them up today to get a jump on things. It always seems like he's out there two days before Christmas getting the lights up. But, behold, this is not an afternoon project. This guy actually has a plan. I stay completly out of this and learned so years ago. I just watch the dial on the meter go nuts when he plugs everything in. I will then get the lecture on how it's once a year and to stop being a miser. So be it..
We had a little birthday gathering to attend last year for my friend I've known since we were 10. Her parents live up the street from us and she now lives up north. We don't see each other often but stay in touch. It was a little funny how I walked into her parents house and all these memories came back. Her mom was always kind of blind to things that were going on so we did get away with a lot. My mom knew instantly when something was amiss. I usually got in trouble but my parents never were one's to call the other parents so she never got caught. Last night her mom brought up the fact that it seemed like I was always grounded. Barb told her that she probably should have been grounded also. Her mom wanted no part of true confessions at that point in her life.
We had received another drunken phone call last night, however I think someone was thrown for a loop as A answered the phone instead of me. We thought about stopping for one after the party but it was 10:30 and we figured the phone call masters would be long gone.
Sorry I missed OMW on his 45th birthday. wish I could have seen his attempt of riding the broken bike home with a pizza. His blog gives a good review of it. Must have been like a laugh in rerun.

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