Thursday, November 02, 2006

It May Just Be Miller Time

I'm thinking that by the time I get done with work tomorrow I will be completly exhausted. Two weeks of 12 plus hours a day is taking it's toll on me. At least this week it was not 3rd shift. I've been spending a few hours at our shop and they off to Pewaukee to a company that is building a new machine for us. This is to run trials and be at our Process Engineers beck and call. Today my co-worker and I refered to ourselves as his "clean up bitches". It's been an interesting few days working closely with him and others on getting this whole thing together. It's also been a killer ride home each evening. Coming from Pewaukee at 530 pm is not a good thing.
The thought is in my head to hit a drinking establishment tomorrow night. My fear is that I will have one or two and my head will slowly sink into my glass or bottle. Do I want to stay home and catch up on everything that's been neglected (poor A hasn't had a home cooked meal all week), nah...that's what Saturday is for. I'm thinking if I do this tomorrow night it'll be out of my system, therefore I won't over do it at the Packer Party on Sunday and be hung over MOnday for the start of another 12 hour a day work week. I think I will call that Alcohol Prep and Planning. I'm sure one would say "there's no planning in drinking".


StB said...

No planning in drinking? Why would someone say that?

J. Gambino said...

that's like saying "there's no crying in baseball."