Thursday, November 30, 2006

22 Years of Wedded Bliss!

First of all, I know it's Hmong, but as I explained to someone else, if I'm Crawcasion, they're Mong. I probably should have written that yesterday. Thanks for the further education though JoGoggle.
Today marks 22 years of wedded bliss for A and I. I think we picked a bad date as we've never really done much to really celebrate. It falls when everyone is wrapped up with Christmas, including us. We always plan to go to dinner but it usually falls through somehow. Being in the candy business this is a busy time of the year for him at work. I can't exactly remember how he even got off to get married. My hours are usually screwed up this time of the year also. All in all I guess it really doesn't matter as we seem to have a pretty good marriage. I guess if you don't see each other very much that it keeps things healthy. I'm very fortunate to be married to someone who is very understanding and caring. So what if he nods off in the middle of a conversation once in awhile. One thing that I found quite interesting is that he has recently started to do laundry. I was a little scared at first but he's doing a great job. Things are put away in the right place and nothings turned pink yet. The poor guy probably figures if he wants clothes he better wash them. If I could just get him to cook it'd be great.
That reminds me of another thing..I have not been to the grocery store in almost two weeks now. I was wondering why there was an excess in the checking account. I haven't paid my dues to Pick & Save in awhile. Seeing as I was forced to bring a PB&J sandwich to work the other day as there was no lunch meat or soup left I should probably get my butt there. I'm shocked that they haven't called me yet to see if I switched stores or something. I'lll have to buck up and go shopping with the elderly people tomorrow morning.


StB said...

I was stuck behind the stupidest kid in the store tonight. They had two carts of groceries. All he had to do was put it on the conveyer belt and he couldn't even handle that.

Anonymous said...

"(you) can't exactly remember how he even got off to get married".

Maybe because he actually 'got married to get off'.