Saturday, November 11, 2006

Winter Storm

I left Pewaukee yesterday around 4pm into the crappiest weather conditions I've driven in for some time. I thought the lightening show was quite beautiful, but he could have left out the large hail balls that were pounding my truck.
I got to my own driveway around 515 and when I stepped down from my truck I discovered that the driveway was a nice thick sheet of ice. I proceeded to do the shuffle up the driveway. I'm still a little nervous about the hip.
Of course being lately being the last minute person for everything, I hadn't done any grocery shopping or gone to the bank. This pretty much had to be done last night or at 5am this morning and that wasn't happening. To make things fair, I took the hubby with me. He complained about the weather, the traffic, the people in the store and having to walk through the rain and pack the groceries in the car. "Welcome to my world" wasn't exactly the response he was looking for. I then made him stop at McDonalds. I am a avid fan of the McRib sandwich. I know it's only some pressed riblet with sauce but I will partake in them when they are back for a limited time only. I'm sure if it was a regular menu item I would probably not bother with it so much.
Monday is back to work at the shop. It's been an interesting two weeks out in Pewaukee, and I'm glad I got to go. The group I worked with made it fun instead of stressful and the ride was worth it in the end. It was an huge learning experience. Once this whole line gets set up at our shop it should be somewhat exciting yet messy.
Well, we're off to Keshena. Guess I'll have to make a donation.

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Hey Jo said...

I hope that you guys have fun at the casino...