Wednesday, November 15, 2006

That's Crap!

Pretty much says how I feel today. I'm usually a pretty up person and try to keep my darker feelings to myself so as not to drag anyone else down with me. This past couple days I've had my mind on my sister-in-law /great friend. She was diagnosed with breast cancer after undergoing several tests and frustration of waiting for results and calls from her doctor. Right now I am so proud of her for her positive attitude. I also feel very positive about this whole thing, as we made a pact several years ago when she married my brother. I could never have asked for a better sister-in-law and friend. Prior to her coming into our lives I had to bear the brunt of spending many nights at the bar with my husband and brother. Although I had some great times with them something was missing. Fate brought them together (actually darts, but fate sounds so much more interesting). When I found out she camped and wasn't a whimp things really started shaping up. I was fortunate enough to take the two week trip by car out to Vegas to make sure they really did get married (she wasn't getting out of this), and several other vacations which always end up to be a blast. She has made my brother very happy.
Enough of the mushy stuff. All I can say is that she's going to be okay. Like I said...we had a deal!. Who else it going to tell me I have my shoes on the wrong feet or my lipstick is not on my lips or my sweater is buttoned wrong or my wig is on backwards, when I'm senile. Yeah, that's right Gambino/aka Julie our Cruise will be you. We love youu!!!


Hey Jo said...

It wasn't fate that brought them together... it was me!

StB said...

Oh, I thought the pact was about your boobies.