Thursday, May 03, 2007

Almost Over

This is my last full day in Arizona and the depression is starting to set in. Nothing is better then being on vacation, but nothing is worse then knowing you have to go back to reality. The weather here has been great (except for the 15 minute ha-boob). I felt like the lady on the old orange juice commercials, sitting outside drinking my oj and staring at the palm trees. I pondered taking one home but it won't happen.
You'll all be happy to know that while I was gone, boarder brother has moved. I've been told the room isn't to bad but will take some work. My husband seems to be surviving well without me. I think I woke him from his after-work nap everyday so far.
Mom and Dad are doing great here, except I just can't figure out why they're always in such a hurry. Everything is rush around. I got the finger gesture from my dad when I commented that for a man who doesn't have to ever be anywhere he sure is in a hurry all the time. The way he drives, he should be a Chicago cab driver.
Today, as in every other day will be pool day. Ahhhhh. Sad thing is it's the last day.

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