Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Annoying Fan

Last nights Brewers game was a good time. My husband gets good seats (10 rows behind the Brewers dugout) from a temp service he hires from. We've sat in these seats before and never really see the same people so I'm guessing they're all perk seats. The problem last night was the row in front of us. Those people just could not get their beer runs together. There was a group of about 6 men that must have been pretty cheap as they'd go get a beer and went they got back the next guy would go. The entire game was constant up and down for these guys. Then they'd bring a guest back with them and one would vacate for a few minutes while the guest remarked over the great seats. We had a family with two little boys next to us that got up once in 7 innings.
Then there was the annoying fan. You know, the guy who thinks he knows all the Brewers personally so he has to yell out to them. He then will cuss them out when they don't get to base or yell out "that's my man" when he does. Oh yes, he knows them all and spent the whole game bragging about knowing all their stats.
Apparently Milwaukee has no love for Barry Bonds. Big mouth fan pretty much had a handle on letting him know how the entire city felt about him. I didn't find any "failures to remove the hat during the National Anthem guys". I think they're finally feeling the pressure from others.
At any rate it was a good game. The tickets were free and we didn't get too wet running to the car after the game.

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