Wednesday, June 20, 2007

People are Odd

Today must have been weird day. As we were leaving for Dylan's game tonight I saw this older woman pushing a baby stroller down the street. I noticed that in the stroller were two cats. I made a mental note to purchase a stroller for my sister-in-law J so she can take her girls for a walk every once in awhile.
About two blocks later we came upon a broken water main on 13th street and saw the Arab man standing in the water with his pants hiked up. I commented that I didn't think he was trying to stop the water with his toe. I think he was taking advantage of a foot soaking.

I finally made a game where Dylan playing the catcher position. I think he found a position that he likes to play and has fun. I just need to get his grandfather from his mom's side to shut up and let the kid play. About half way through the game I asked him if he'd feel better if he was out there. Dylan does a good job and I don't think he constantly needs to be told where the ball is. It's his job as a catcher to find it. I made the comment to the other Grandfather that all he hears out there is Charlie Brown's teachers voice. He did manage to change his tune and offer some encouragement. Dylan made the All-Star team and it's being played tomorrow night. It should be a good time. I just have to make sure I don't sit right in front of the heckling Grandpa.

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