Friday, June 15, 2007

The Fat Lady Sang

I sang as I punched out at 3pm today. I can sum it up in one word...bad! This will describe my week at work. It started out shitty on Monday and by yesterday afternoon I thought there was hope. Upon arriving today I found that to be totally untrue. We attempted to run a line that hasn't been run in several weeks. Some people believe that starting up a dead line should be like flipping a switch. It takes a lot of work and is so frustrating. I also had a crew of people who have zero experience on this line. I did get maintenance support and "I feel bad for you looks " from some management persons. The sad thing is that 3rd shift started out Sunday night and we first ran product Thursday afternoon. The line was running good by 5pm and we thought it was safe to say that third shift could come in, fire the line up and go. Well if there wouldn't have been a small electrical fire that blew out a control panel they probably could have. I was met by the entrance door this morning by a few 3rd shifters and at that point I should have exited and just made believe I never came in.
The electrical mess was cleaned up and back on track around 1pm. So I spent my day prepping for Monday when we can start all over again. I heard the maintenance guy volunteer me to come in at 4am on Monday to assure the line is running by 5. By the look on my face I could tell he felt the pressure of my foot in is ass. After my initial shock I not so willingly agreed to this nutty plan of his and thought that since he was such a great help to me (that is his job) that I'd show up. Unless I forget to reset my alarm clock. An early trip to camping next weekend may just be in store.

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