Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Every Step I Take the best way to describe it. The other night I stubbed my toe on the edge of my dresser. I cried... that's how bad it hurt. I woke up several times that night to a throbbing toe but never thought to look at it. The next morning the little guy was all sorts of pretty colors, and I couldn't move it. I've broken my toe before and know that the only thing the doctor's do is tape it to your next toe. I can do that myself. The problem is that if I have my work shoes on it doesn't hurt until around 1/2 through the day. When I get home and discard the shoes the thing is hurting like a bitch. The old Croc's are about the most comfortable things I can work. I don't think they make those in steel toes. So beside being super crabby at work this week so far due to not being able to run a line, my freaking toe is nagging at me. Today I just wanted to find the nearest wall and bang my head on it (thank goodness we wear protective head gear). Not to mention that weather-wise this happens to be the best stretch of good weather we've had in a long time. Who wants to be at work in a hot room with sweaty people when it's this nice outside? I tried to talk everyone into just chucking it in for the day and sitting around at some outside patio bar for a few hours, but I had no takers. I think I asked the wrong people.

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J. Gambino said...

sorry to hear about your tootsie. I can run blocker for you at the festival. Or we can rent you a stroller.