Friday, June 22, 2007

The Sausage Race

The Brewers sausages made an appearance at Dylan's All-Star game tonight. It was a little humorous when the Brewers Van drove up with a tarp trying to cover the side of the van. The racing sausages appeared moments later and were trampled by kids. We didn't realize that they planned to play nine innings and around 10:30 they were in the bottom of the 8th and called the game due to lightening. It was a blow out anyway (20-9) and I think it boosted his moral to play on a team that won. He sat out 1 of the 8 innings and played 3rd, 2nd and right field for the rest of the game. He hates being in the outfield as there is no action. He didn't get to play catcher which I think bummed him out a little, but from the smile on his face you could tell he had a great time. Big mouth Grandpa kept pretty quiet. It may have been the warning glance his wife shot at him early on. I love that Dylan is into sports and is actually active and attentive when he's playing.
During the game I got a call from R & J who headed out for camping a day early. He said the Ranger had just rode by and warned them of a severe thunderstorm warning. R was partaking in the Jack & Coke as it was already raining. I called him back two hours later and got no answer so they either blew away, were sleeping or headed for shelter.
We'll be heading out early in the morning. I'm actually ready now but don't care to set up in the middle of the night. Now see, a nice hard side would be so convenient as we'd just have to pull in and save the rest for the morning. One can dream!
Work completly sucked this week. I need to find a girl job. It is supposed to be cool in our line but with all the machines running and heated units it gets pretty warm. Right now things are very disorganized and need to be taken care of. This would be possible if everyone wasn't torn in twenty directions. For the longest time we looked for work to do and had just enough operators..we suddenly grew and each need another few sets of arms & legs. I need this weekend because things have been so hetic. Besides, I need to rest up for Mom & Dad's upcomming visit.

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