Friday, June 01, 2007

This is It

Tonight will be my last night on yet another stint on 3rd shift. In fact as far as I'm concerned tonight will be my last night ever on 3rd shift. Like I said in previous posts, I am to old for this crap. Despite the fact that I have probably slept 3 hours a day for the past 4 days I am remaining cordial to everyone at work. I want to reason with that by saying they're all in the same boat as I am, but that's not true. They all want to work 3rd. This was true of me about 20 years ago when my kids were in school and finances were a little tight to pay day care. I worked mega overtime and had a very nice shift premium. Not so true where I am now. We receive a 35 cent premium. Not worth it to me.

Update on the chipmunks.....As I sit writing this post there just so happens to be a little varmint sitting on the window ledge. It is one of the front yard tenants. The backyard boys have not been in sight since Sadie scared them on Tuesday. I would like to thing that the crap I spent $16.00 on worked but I can't. Yes, our yard is chuck full of nature this summer. The cardinals are back, the rabbits have nested in the front yard and both my birdhouses have occupants. The possum was spotted coming up the driveway the other night also. I tend to think that the flowers I spent hours planting are not going to last very long. All I did was provide food for them. There may be a trip to Sam's Club today for the giant tub of Cayenne pepper.

Everyone enjoy their Friday night. I know where I'll be..

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