Sunday, June 17, 2007

HorseShoe Ass

I have given my husband a new name. At the local festival yesterday he won on every paddle game he played. We raked in a grand total of 7 boxes of brats, 2 bottles of cheap brandy & whiskey, 4 bottles of wine (surely to be a White Elephant gift this year) and 4 summer sausages. I was one part in the total. I won three dollars on $10.00 worth of pull tabs. It was an okay time. The beer wasn't as cold as it should have been but it was a little warm outside also. The band was okay. We didn't see a lot of people we knew. As usual the highlight of the night was sitting on my mother in-law's front lawn watching people try to find their cars. We did see several young men get hauled away in cuffs. I'm sure they're just as innocent as Michael McGee.

The boarder brothers former room is now clean and not rentable. This also means the spare room that was housing all the stuff from that room is now clean and also not rentable. I have to say it was quite a chore, especially to be doing when it's so hot out.

I'm going to my first Brewer game of the year tomorrow. Being that I need to be at work at 4am tomorrow it may be a chore for me to stay awake. I think a short nap may be in order when I get home from work. I've been pretty tired all weekend so I'm thinking I need a good day of catch up sleep. My mind wants to go a million ways but my body is saying slow down! My parents are coming in town this weekend so that means a little extra TLC around the house. She's using my house to cook a spaghetti dinner for the entire family. Have to get that utensil drawer someone organized so she can find the necessary tools for her task. I was trying to talk her into a cookout instead as eating spaghetti and meatballs when it's so hot doesn't sound like fun to me. She didn't budge.

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