Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Water girl

Sometime in March my friend and I signed up for a Water Aerobics class at a local High School. The class's started tonight. Twice a week for one hour I am a slave to the water along with 10 other women. Beside on other girl, my friend and I are the youngest women in the class. She's taken a class before so this was all new to me. After walking around for 10 minutes trying to locate the pool we changed and headed out. The class is one full hour with 1/2 hour of it working with weights. The class had been recommended to me by my surgeon rather than the usual aerobics classes. He had said for the first two years after my surgery to try this as there's much less stress on the hip. The class turned out to be fun. Or should I say funny. It's always less tiring to exercise in water but there is some resistance there. Once the weights came into play there was a lot of splashing as ten women tried to stay balanced. I almost did a somersault while holding the weights under water and pulling my knees up to my chin. Thank goodness for shallow water. Once the class was over and we hit the locker room I could have sworn I was in some sub zero weather. Cold would be putting it mildly. It was like the shower at 9am on the first camping weekend. You kind of stand there and want to get in the water but you hesitate because you know it's going to be cold. The pool was warm and the joke was made about the toddler class that was right before ours. I made sure to keep my mouth out of the water. All in all it was fun and I'm glad we did the two times a week thing. No we did not stop for ice cream on the way home.
Our group camp set for this weekend has now turned into just camp. Several people have dropped out but it should still be a good time. The weather promises to be nice. Hopefully J will be at the Saturday night campfire. We'll have to raise a toast to S who opted for Vegas. We'll miss the sliced cheese but I'm thinking we don't have anything that calls for that item on the menu. Hopefully his blistered finger will not hamper his card playing.
A big welcome home to K & J. I thinkmy husband was lost without his friend. Maybe if he would have been home he could have put some dynomite under his ass to get him moving on some projects. Once again he has too many things started at one time. This makes him look busy but nothing gets completed. The boarder brothers vacant room still has the sander sitting in the middle of the floor where it's been since Saturday. I suppose having this room in shambles prevents anyone from moving in. Maybe he's got the ticket after all.

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J. Gambino said...

But, but, weren't you lost without your friend? *sniff sniff*