Friday, December 01, 2006

For Sale-3 snowblowers, 1 snowmobile,1 husband

Yep, you read it right. 3 Snowblowers. I have been observing my husband out in the garage trying to get his 3 snowblowers running. So far I have seen him using the small one that's good for about a 8 inch path. I then saw him using the larger one for about 5 minutes. Now I see him and my boarder brother looking at the 3rd one in the garage. About a month ago I asked if they were running and was told he didn't wasn't snowing yet. We have friends who fix these things for a living. That is called stubborn. Guess if he can't fix it himself, then no one can. So I will now sit in my warm home and watch him shovel.
To my utter disbelief I also witnessed boarder brother with a shovel this morning. Actually using it to clear the sidewalks. This guy went through all last year without picking up a shovel. I'm thinking this is supposed to soften my heart a little about booting him out soon. He even removed his wet boots when he came in rather than tromp through my house.
The subject of the snowmobile is a sore one. I think some day I'm just going to drag it to the curb and I'm sure the Mexican junk man will pick it up in a flash. Then I'm sure A won't notice. It's been with him longer than I have but we have dragged it to 4 different homes in 22 years. Kind of just like he's dragged me around.
Why is the husband for sale you ask? Because in some way I will get blamed for these things not working. At any time now he will walk in the house with a shit ass look on his face, glare at me, and say "Don't even fucking say a word". At that time I will gracefully turn away , leave the room and hide my laughter from him.
Well to all of you who took a snow day today have a great day. I was off anyway so to me it's just a day where I delayed in the running around I have to do. Pick & Save will have to wait for me just a little longer.
Could very well be a beer night. I figure by 6 or 7 the roads should be clear!

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