Monday, October 30, 2006

Oh Boy

My very expensive vacuum cleaner took a bad turn yesterday and I am sitting here now listening to my husband attempt to fix it. I have a feeling that it's just the beater bar that is jammed with something. He just turned it on and it sounds worse than it did before. I want to know why all of a sudden everything is taking a dump on us. We have shelled out a lot of money in repairs lately. How much do we want to bet that our 23 year old microwave will be the next thing to go. Guess I can't complain about that one.
So the one show that I have faithfully watched this fall has now been switched to Monday nights opposite MNF. The show (Friday Night Lights) is not doing to good in the ratings anyway, so why put it up against MNF? Guess I'll have to make use of the VCR (no dvr in this house). I seem to tape things and never watch them. Bad habit of mine.
A friend of mine at work has started a blog if anyone's interested check it out at . I guess I'll have to be careful of what I write about work now. Geeze...can't write about the boss, can't write about work. I'll have to rack my little pea brain for things to write about.
Chow for now.


StB said...

I feel ya. It seems like every month this year, something has broken down on me. Hell, I need to take my truck in for a brake job soon. There is another grand down the drain.

djw said...

DAMN! i was hopinh the new blog waS A chick!!!!