Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Me & The Chipmunks

My battle continues with the little bastards. I read up on how to get rid of them and ended up being suckered into purchasing a container of "Shake Away" which contains the scent of fox urine which is supposed to scare them away. I shook this stuff around and plugged up all the holes they have nicely dug in my front yard and around our pond. Within 5 minutes I spotted them again. I read the bottle once again and found that I may need to apply a second application within a week and once a month afterwards. Now I have these little gray crystals around my yard and still have chipmunks.
Yesterday I took the dog by the collar and showed her the two chipmunks that were playing nicely around the rocks on the pond. I think she may have enjoyed the site. I could just imagine her sighing and thinking to herself how wonderful nature is. They continued to play while I said " get them Sadie....chase them out...this is your job...this is why I take care of you". Nothing.... I then hear this laughter coming from the house and my husband walks out in stiches. "You need to get over these things ...they're not hurting anything". Oh no, I say...it's okay that when I'm digging around in this area that they just pop their little heads out to say hello.
Low and behold, she sprung into action this morning. I had made a trip to the store and left her outside. Upon my arrival home I find her in the fenced in sandbox area barking her head off. She had two of them cornered. She was pissed off and the teeth were out and everything. So, what do I do? I call out her name because I had this one ounce feeling of dread. I didn't want her to kill them. For the first time she listened and backed off. This is probably a good thing as I'm not quite sure that I would have been able to watch the kill. Plus I probably would have freaked that she'd now have some disease. So that saga will continue.
If anyone out there has a safe way to get rid of these things please let me know. Apparently my conscience does not want to kill them.


Hey Jo said...

Just say the word and Boomer the Bunny Killer can stop on over. I'm sure chipmunks would be on his menu.

StB said...

Just give OMW a case of Pabst and he can pee into the chipmunk holes. If that don't scare them away, I don't know what would.

J. Gambino said...

Meanwhile, Chip & Dale could be seen later that night enjoying themselves on the swing on the deck.
"Hey, you think we could get that big guy to build us a fire?"
"Maybe, but the sailor woman inside would cuss at us for making a mess with the S'mores."