Monday, May 07, 2007


Day one on 3rd shift is over. It didn't take me long to figure out why I hate 3rd. Add the hours and problems together and it doubles my hatred. We had some type of glitch in our computer that prevented us from collecting data. It was something the company that's setting up our line did on Friday and never tested it. So I had a bunch of people standing around while the maintenance guy, my boss (bless his soul for showing up) and I tried our best to figure out what was wrong.

My biggest mistake was sitting down around 4am to work on some procedures and type them. I was all good until then. The maintenance guy joined my at the desk (not on it- at it) to help my fill out some dumb forms we have to do for every step of running. His boredom set in so he began to construct paper birds. Looking around at my co-workers I saw a lot of yawning and bloodshot eyes. The show should get better as the week progresses. There are two women that actually want the shift. One came in all perky last night. She was almost lynched.

I am now waiting for my dog to do her duty so I can try to get some sleep. My grandson's first baseball game of the season is tonight and I must try to attend. You guys all know I'm his biggest fan.

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djw said...

Only one was perky? I would think they would both be perky.