Sunday, May 27, 2007

Enough of The Bad

This has been a long two weeks for us. Long hours at work, helping out my daughter and trying to keep up with normal things. On top of all that my husband's Uncle passed away last Monday. We spent Saturday & Sunday with him at the hospital and then Nursing Home. Monday morning we got the call that he wasn't responding and was being taken back to the hospital.
I always knew he was a special man to A's family and a lot of others. He was stricken with polio at age 7 and wasn't expected to survive past age 10. He never let this disease get the best of him and went on to College and to become an Engineer for Allis Chamblers I remember meeting him around age 15 and he was then using crutches. He drove this blue Checker with hand controls. My husband and his siblings were especially close to him as he lived downstairs from them. He would take them places and was more like their big brother.
This may seem all mushy to some of you but I thought hard for a few days before even writing about this. I have never seen a family show so much respect and love for one person. No one had a single bad thought about him and everyone spoke of how they were inspired by him.
Over the past ten years he become more crippled and was unable to use the crutches any longer so he purchased a scooter. He now had some freedom again. He was truly a man who loved life and dealt with what God handed him. We'll all miss him.
On a lighter note, we missed the first Church Festival of the season. "A" had to work Friday night and yesterday just got away from us. Let the yard work begin! We are also battling some chipmunks that are pissing me off. Yesterday I tried to flood them out but apparently the little bugger wasn't home when I did that because as the water is running into the home I look and see him on my front porch. I laughed as I imagined the little creep with his chipmunk voice saying "hey lady, I'm over here". I didn't want to resort to actually killing them so I think I'm off to the store today to purchase some repellent that has a fox scent and will drive them away. It's that or a trap. I thought the dog would take care of them but they've located in the front yard.
In a few weeks I'll be the crazy lady sitting on the porch with the BB gun and a string of dead chipmunks hanging on my porch. Then I'm also sure I'll be in jail.


J. Gambino said...
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J. Gambino said...

You think you might already be the crazy lady? Just without the BB gun? Ha ha can't get me, I am 1000 miles away. And you will forget this by the time I get back. Okay, fine, I owe you a nice souvenier from Busch Gardens. Do you like Bud or Bud Light better?