Wednesday, May 16, 2007


My daughter had back surgery (lumbar fusion) on Monday. We were at the hospital at 530 a.m. , her surgery was set for 7 a.m. They were pretty prompt with getting her ready and the surgery was on time. At 11 her doctor came out and said all went well and she'd be in her room within an hour. We were warned that because they did the surgery with her on her stomach that her face would be swollen. At 130 we were given her room number and made our way up. I've come to the conclusion that at no point is it funny to see your child #1- in pain and #2-high. She was pretty drugged up and I was told that she'd be dopey for awhile. I've got some stories to tell her when she's home and healing.
I remember what I liked about my hospital stay-nothing. First of all the hospital is short staffed so asking for anything will take at least 30 to 45 minutes. I must say they responded very fast when the finger pulse reader came off. The machine started beeping and they were in there stat (I'm picking up hospital lingo). I went up to see her Tuesday and she was walking around-slowly, but steady. Today she met me in the hallway. This girl is so ready to get out of there. There's a sign in her room stating checkout time is between 11-1230 and she says if her doctor is not there by 1105 she's leaving. I can't imagine where she gets her impatience from.
I've spent like zero time at home so far this week. There's some serious catching up to do around here. I have noticed that since boarder brother left there is not much mess. A is pretty good about picking up after himself. It must be the recent visit to his sister's house. It seems as if every time he goes there, he'll get on this neatness kick. I plan to spend some time this weekend in the jungle I call a yard. I have a date with about 4 hefty bags and a rake. Hopefully the weather will hold out.
Last night I was sitting here checking my email and suddenly felt something in my hair and a loud buzzing noise. My gut feeling was "June Bug", but why in my house. I went to knock it away and it was still buzzing. I got a little freaked at that point and started yelling. My gallant husband came to the rescue and knocked this huge bumblebee from my hair. How in the world this thing got in my house is beyond me. He's now swimming in Lake Michigan.

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"To bee or not to bee"