Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Almost Half Way

Famous quote from R last night...Now I remember what I like about working 3rd shift...silence.
He looked as tired as I felt. This is definatly not for me. 20 years ago when I was a young spring chicken and first started 3rd shift it didn't phase me. It worked for me. Not now. I'm old and need some structure in my life. I don't even take naps during the day, let alone try to get 5-6 hours of sleep. Thankfully it's not summer yet and people around here don't mow their lawns until after work.

On a lighter note, my husband who I've seen for a total of 5 hours in the past 12 days is coming home tonight. Probably around the time I leave for work. I've had some good conversations with Sadie this week. I think she actually listens to me. It could be an act though. She's probably waiting for him to get home so she's off the hook. She may be missing out on some valuable sleep by pretending to pay attention to me. We did manage to get a game of catch in this morning. Acutally I throw the ball and she eventually brings it back.

I must promote the valuable lessons today on Gambino's blog. I now have the "Conjunction" song stuck in my head. It took me years to get that song out.

My goal before I go to work tonight is to watch the Soprano's . I've heard nothing but good regarding Sunday's episode. It may pump me up a little before work.

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J. Gambino said...

In a related note. People have been calling the local authorites regarding a tall man with spikey hair driving a red Dodge pickup down Grange Ave this morning. One woman said, "He was on the corner of 13th & Grange singing the song 'Reunited' at the top of his lungs."