Sunday, May 06, 2007


After a slight delay in my flight I finally arrived home at 1:45 a.m. Saturday. It was a great trip and a good visit with Mom & Dad and once again I hated to leave. It's sad when you see your parents standing in their driveway waving as you pull away.

The crappy part about coming home is I walked in the door at 2am and my husband left for a four day Chicago work trip at 7am. Didn't have much time. The good part about coming home is that boarder brother has vacated!. The room isn't all that bad. Hubbie ripped the carpet out and is working on the hardwood floor which should be good with a sanding. Mean while everything is piled up in the other spare room. This is it...I promise myself that besides my parents or one of my kids we will have no other boarders. I'm purchasing an Aero bed for when the grand kids stay over or the most uncomfortable sofa sleeper I can find.

Tonight I start a week on 3rd shift. Should be a blast. I'm not sure what to expect as there are also a few new people starting. Hopefully it won't be a complete disaster. I'll be training the girl who will be running the 3rd shift in the future. God Bless her soul if she's a fast learner. By the end of the week I'm sure my sleep pattern will be completely screwed up. We're having our first camping trip Friday so with no sleep I'm sure I'll be the first puddle.

I have to say a quick work for everyone to keep our friend B in their prayers this week. He's having brain surgery on Tuesday. He wouldn't let us shave his head last night in preparation. He figured the hospital staff was better at it. Good luck to you B! We'll all be thinking of you.

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