Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Saturday

I am becoming all to familiar with hospitals. My daughter is now home and doing well. She's moving a little slow but in good spirits. Today we went to visit my husband's Uncle. His Uncle has polio and wasn't expected to live past 10 years of age. He is now 83. His lungs are suffering the effects of polio, his body is tired but his mind is so sharp. He was being moved to a Nursing Home today and is afraid of the type of care he will receive there, so the hunt is on for a full time Nurse at his home. He is now on a respirator full time and will probably need this the rest of his life. I was trying to be brave for my husband as Unk (his nickname) has been like a father to him and I could tell he was upset. It was a struggle for Unk to talk, due to the mask and also his breathing problems but he made light of it. I've known him for 35 years and he's always been the practical joker. Even during our visit he made some pretty good cracks. Humor is a good medicine.

On a lighter note, my husband is now the owner of a cell phone. He's been carrying it around with him and I made the comment to him today that unless it's a wrong number he's not going to get any calls. He hasn't given his phone number out to anyone. He's a pretty smart man but when it comes to computers and cell phones he's somewhat lost at first. Today we had a lesson on how to take a picture and store it. This may be the worst thing I could have done, as I can see some pictures coming. He hasn't figured out how to delete them yet so there is a pretty good mug shot I took of him during our lesson.

Our trip to the grocery store was once again more costly as I took him with me. It's the norm...more money and lingering in the store. I don't find it necessary to stop and look at everything. I know what I want and where it is. He has no clue on how much things cost , so paying $6.99 for a watermelon doesn't seem bad to him. I put it back and chose a smaller one. He does now seem to have the general understanding that I push the cart.

The boys are almost done with the camper repairs. Tigger was working side by side with A on it. It also required two trips to Menards. Personally I think that's a deviation from the chore. I'm pretty sure that had they now appeared there today that a search party would have been sent out.

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