Monday, January 12, 2009

Dirty Cat

With not being at home during the day I wondered what these cat's would be up to. I took a sick day today due to plain out being sick. I have contacted both the cold and stomach part of what ever is going around. Yesterday was no more than laying around with a box of Kleenex and my remedy of Day Quill (coupon at Walgreen's for $3.00 off). I went down at my usual time this morning at gave them water and food and had a few minutes of them crawling all over me. Went back to bed. Around 7am I heard some noise and decided to investigate. It seems as if Mitchell had gotten his toy stuck around the leg of a bar stool and was determined to get it off. I noticed that the water bowl was full of food for some reason, so I figured rather than let them learn a lesson I'd just clean it out and refill it. It was then that all hell broke loose. Barney has put doors on to the laundry room just to keep them out for a short while. We have some cleaning to do in there before they can be let loose. They have a habit of sitting by the door when I go in for water and usually a little nudge will make them move. This morning they both escaped when my hands were full with two water bowls.

After about twenty minutes of trying to get them I just sat down and waited for them to come to me. They have to get hungry sooner or later right? I got Mitchell and then rather than let him escape again while waiting for the big Ragu to appear I put him in the cat carrier. I think what drew the big Ragu out was Mitchell's crying. It only took about 2-3 minutes. Got the door closed and realized I'd left the water in the other room. Armed myself with the squirt gun and went back in. I required only one shot and they both scattered. Felt so proud I wanted to blow on the end of the gun like the movie stars do. No holster, and I didn't feel the fool as the gun still had water in it. The helpful hint on using the squirt gun is much appreciated. For the time being I will be bringing water from upstairs.

As for now, they seem to be spent after spending quite some time bathing themselves after their adventure.


J. Gambino said...

I feel the need to tell you that it could happen that they will get immune to the water. So you might want to mix things up a bit. I find that 2 loud claps also helps in getting them out of where they do not belong. Oh wait, that is for Ben.

StB said...

I prefer the swift kick to the ass for cat moving.