Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Big Day For The Boys Tomorrow

Yes, the mean lady is taking the cats in for a fixin and declawing. I walked downstairs after work today and found Barney talking to both of them. I figure he feel's their pain or something. Seeing as they are starting to scratch their claws on everything downstairs they will be taken care of.

We still keep them downstairs during the day so coming home is sometime humorous. I've found Mitchell in the laundry basket a few times trying to claw his way out. We find things out of place or moved. They kept getting this goofy troll doll so I hid it in a box. Came home and found it in their bed. The best one was trying to figure out how they got the chain that hangs about 5 inches down from the ceiling. It was no where near a chair or table.

Mitchell will venture upstairs when we're home and has been exploring a little bit more each day. He's gone from hiding under the dining room table to jumping up on it. The squirt gun seems to have become ineffective with him, but a loud bang on the table works fine. Today he went as far as to try to eat Sadie's food. "Hey, if it's in a bowl and on the floor it's free game".
I tried to get a picture of this little cat (I don't think he's going to grow) eating out of the 71 lb. lab's bowl. Sadie goes downstairs and can gulp their food down in one second flat. I left the room for a minute and came back to find Mitchell siting in Sadie's water bowl. Must have felt the need to take a bath. The big Ragu will come up the steps but go no further. He's still a bit of a wimp. I'm hoping that tomorrow doesn't throw him completely out of whack.

The best part about this is that Barney will be delivering them to the vet for the butchering....I will be picking them up, so I'll be like the savior.

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OMW said...

My boys haven't had a big day in a lOOOOOOOOOOng time.