Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not The Silver

This, I feel is worthy of sharing. Last night after a good meal with good friends at BW3's we opted to head home rather than hit the bar for a beer or two. My husband claimed that is was because it was to cold outside, but deep down inside I think he didn't want to wash off the spray paint in minus zero weather again.

I was kind of surfing through eBay and came across a silverware pattern that matched a set that my mom handed down to me. Awhile back she found it funny that I had kept it and told me I should try to sell it. I joked with her and told her that I was going to hang on to it until her and dad hit the nursing home and needed the bill paid for one month. Cruel daughter.

When finding this on eBay I decided to look into it further. I'm not planning on selling it I just was wondering the worth. I had the silverware case out on the dining room table and was looking at what pieces I had when Barney came up from downstairs. He walked past it and into the computer room and with the funniest expression on his face says "No, not the silver". He then just shook his head and walked away. I could do nothing but burst out laughing. I told him that there are a lot of things in this house of value that we should think of getting rid of. I'm pretty sure that he has all his antique trains locked away now. This morning I had to reassure him that I did not plan on selling anything. I asked him if he even knew the set of silver existed as I've never used it . I find no joy in sitting and polishing a fork so I can use it. Our company silverware is in my kitchen drawer or obtained from Sam's Club in best plastic ware you can find.
He wanted to know if the china was going next. "What China"? I've been married twice and have not yet picked out a China pattern. I explained to him that China is something you invest in, not go to Kohls or Walmart and purchase. I guess the next question he asked was well deserved. "Well then why did we have to spend so much money on a China cabinet"? See, he's not just another pretty face after all.

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