Saturday, January 03, 2009

She's Not Having It

We got our adopted kittens yesterday. The featured guy here is Mitchell. He settled right in. The other one let us hold him with no problem at first. Because of the dog we thought it would be best to get them used to us first and then gradually get them upstairs. Barney spent most of New Years Day (after he finally got up) putting doors on the other areas of the basement to keep them confined to the rec room. After about two hours of them being here we decided to bring Sadie down. It took her a minute or two to notice that something was amiss. Mitchell went right up to her and batted her in the nose. This forced a little growl out of timid Sadie. They probably would have been okay after a minute but then came the hiss out of the other one. Sadie's hair stood on end and the cats tail was about 10 times bigger. The cat (Carmine) took off for the only corner in the basement that he could hide in and immediately got stuck. Got him out of that jam and he took off again and headed for the air conditioner. Managed to get himself stuck in between the fan. Tool man had to take the thing apart to get him out. We then let him go back into the corner and figured he'd come out when he was ready. Mean while Mitchell was just having a good time.
We had to take a trip to Waukesha last night to visit Barney's aunt who had a heart attack New Years Eve Day. She's a talker and after about 1 1/2 hours of being there the nurse came in to check her vitals. We got a chuckle when she said her oxygen levels were low and Aunt D proclaims "Well that's because I've been talking non stop for almost two hours". The ending of the story she was telling was about South Dakota but I don't quite remember how it started. I have learned to just nod and not ask questions as it will throw her off. I though for sure I'd look over and see Barney nodding off but he was just staring at her in awe.
Upon our arrival back home I was happy to see that they are indeed litter trained. We had to search around for Carmine and found him in a box behind the bar. He may be the damage inflicter as some glasses and bottles were teetering. Some adjustments must be made to secure the safety of the cats and our sanity. I heard some commotion at 6 am and went down to check it out. Mitchell was in the playing mood so the laser light came out and he was tuckered out after a bit. The big Ragu made an appearance, walked by my leg, took a poop and went back to his corner. All in all day one went okay. Sadie knows I still love her more.

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StB said...

You make it sound like the cat pooped by your leg.