Sunday, January 18, 2009

Who dun It & Why???

We went to a 50th birthday party for a very good friend of ours last night. Had a good time. It was more like a gathering of friends for a good cause. He's been somewhat unable to attend a lot of functions due to his ailing father so it was good to see him, and to see him happy.

The night went well until....Some jackass decided to spray paint my truck. I hate parking in the lot down the street from the bar and would prefer to park in the bank lot, but hubbie thinks it's illegal and he was driving. It appeared that we were either the only one's tagged or other's who had been were gone already. The first thing Barney says to me "Who did you piss off"?. I didn't think that Cleve was that upset with me over throwing snow at him. Needless to say at 2am here's Barney outside scrubbing the paint off my truck. There still is a little residue on the windows and grill which he's out working on now.

So a good night ended like crap. I'm more ticked off that some jackass felt the need to deface something not belonging to them. I keep thinking it could have been worse.


StB said...

That pisses me off too! What is wrong with people today?

Hey Jo said...

I wonder if it was the same people who vandalized the U.S. Bank across from trivia on Sat??

Still there is no excuse for that.

OMW said...

this is unbelievable.. but wait its me, so it is believable..
youre last on the list so here I am. i tried everyone/thing noth9ing works.
I come home from the bar, ready to post,
I try to check out your blogs
so here i am....

OMW said...

everytime I try to click on a new site it asks if i want to save it?????? what the hell did I do wrong now? and how do I fix it.

Yes i realize ...................

OMW said...

for some rerason this is the only site I can post on----sorry.