Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Just Call Me Charlie Brown

Here's a little picture of the nightly meeting between Sadie and Mitchell. Mitchell actually pets Sadie's nose. No claws. All went well tonight until Sadie attempted to give Mitchell her rather huge bone she received for Christmas. (a dog bone). Kind of spooked the cat a little and we saw her hiss for the first time. I'm not sure I like the way he's eyeing up the house. You can just see the thoughts racing through his head. "I could do some damage up here". So for now when we're not home he'll be staying in the basement. We'll try the upper level this weekend.
I've been on this daily regiment of taking Sadie for a walk. Her and I both need the exercise plus I think it helps her to not feel slighted. We headed out tonight around 5. Most of the sidewalks were shoveled or had light snow on them. We were about a mile from home when we encountered a pretty snowy sidewalk. Had we not been on a busy street I would have headed for the road. Sadie did a complete Bambi on ice show for me and I managed to stay up right....for a moment. She gained her balance and we took a step and I did a very nice imitation of Charlie Brown kicking the football that Lucy just pulled away. Feet up in the air and down flat on my back and clunked the ol' noggin. "Damn that f***ing hurt". Sadie did exactly what she is supposed to do. Sat down next to me and didn't move. Then I go to get up and my feet are slipping all over. I was pretty close to walking up to their front door and ranting. This wasn't just a patch of ice, the entire sidewalk was like an ice rink. There ought to be a law. Oh, wait, there is. We continued on our way with no further mishaps. I have a nice bruise on my leg and a knot on my head. Good thing I had my hat on to shield my head from to much damage. I shall choose the other side of the street tomorrow.


OMW said...

I'll call you Charlie Brown IF you call me Michael Ellis.
Wow! Will ANYONE even get that reference??????

StB said...

You should have gone up to the door. Did anyone appear to be home at the house? If it had as much snow as you infer then they haven't cleaned it up in quite a long time.