Thursday, January 22, 2009

Last of the 40's for awhile

I'm not talking about 40 ouncers...
The 40 hour work week. Today was the last 10 hour day for us for the (see able future)? I tried to find out what that meant and was not given the answer I wanted to hear. Last week we were told April at the earliest. Today we were told maybe July.

I've listened to the comments all week regarding my co-workers looking for jobs. Most of them are looking for full time jobs. I'm wondering if that is wise right now. We have excellent benefits which they have not touched yet. Most of us have 3 plus weeks of vacation and we make a decent wage. I'd like to pick up something part time to make up the wage loss and will be seriously looking. Then again, if several people leave it could mean more hours for the remaining few left. Or if the housing market would pick up we'd be back to 40.

When we were given our hours today I questioned if these would be permanent. If I'm going to work part-time I would prefer to start at 7am. My boss was either really confused or just plain doesn't get life. He asked why and I told him that most part-time jobs start around 4 and you're done by 9 or so. Getting off a second job at 9 and getting up at 3 for this job might be difficult. His answer to the worlds problem "Work Friday, Saturday and Sunday". Not that I'm above working weekends, but I'm certainly not wishing to work 7 days a week. I'm not as brave as a co-worker who asked "Just how long are you going to dick us around". I had to turn my head to keep from busting out laughing. It's so true though. All in all, you have to do what you have to do.

I've put plenty of though into how to budget things a little differently. Here's my list:

1). Quit smoking- big on the list
2). roll my own
3). Cut down the dining out-(we don't do that to often)
4). Switch from diet coke to Roundy's cola (not a chance)
5) Start to see Connie for haircuts (she does a good job with Ken)
6). Watch the clothing allowance (gift cards are great gifts to receive)
7). Use up all the food in my cupboards ("Hey dear, what do you want for dinner...we have a can of pineapple and some re fried beans left)
8). Screw all that crap and look for a part time job

Here was my husbands suggestion..."I'll buy you Budweiser".


J. Gambino said...

No need for panic to set in. Nick & Bonnie have tons of food in their bomb shelter. Before you even think of drinking sub standard alcohol, just remember Meister Brau.

OMW said...

I've been 'rolling my own' for ye3ars.

StB said...

And you didn't file for divorce after the Bud comment?

Don't worry, friends don't let friends drink Bud.