Monday, January 29, 2007

He Chased the Dog out of the Room!

Had a pretty decent day yesterday. The kids were all over for a dinner of Mexican food prepared by my son and I. It was quite tasty. I did observe my husband going for seconds on the Chili Cheese Burritos that Shawn made and wondered how gassy he'd be later. Seeing that just about everything he eats emits gas I figured it really didn't matter.

I was pretty tired so I opted to go to bed around 8pm. Around midnight I woke up to this God Awful rancid smell. My first fear was that we didn't hear the dog, but she's so past pooping in the house. Then I heard he crying at our bedroom door and feared she shat in our room. I kid you not this was bad! I was a little afraid to get out of bed for fear of stepping in something, when I heard it. A loud, yet slow release of gas from the person next to me. I wanted to smack him but figured even that smell would wake the dead. Not a movement except for more releases. Good God! I had to leave the room. I came back with Frebreeze in hand and sprayed the room and him. He never budged. I sprayed more so I could at least stay in the room and continue my nights sleep. I slept with the bottle next to me. The dog then came back in.

When I got home today he asked me if my stomach was feeling okay. Appears he had a little stomach ache this morning. I told him of his gas and driving the dog out. I think his chest puffed up a little as if he was proud. "I drove the dog out" was his reply with a little giggle.

There are some leftover burritos in the fridge that I am tempted to throw away rather than wake to that smell again.


Hey Jo said...

Give the leftovers to boarder brother.. at least you can't smell him in the basement.

StB said...

Somehow, I feel compelled to buy him a beer next time at Big Mommas.