Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I feel like crap! Every freakin bone in my body hurts, my neck feels like it has a football growing out of the side of it, my nose has been bleeding on and off all day and I'm tired as hell. How's that for a New Years gift? (oh I might just be a little crabby from all this).

New Years Eve was fun but quiet. I drank all of two beers, two shots of pucker, one shot of Black the black shit I like and one glass of bubbly in an 8 hour span. I felt fine during the day, but as the night rolled on I could feel something coming on. We got home around 330 and I was up by 9. Did a few things and was back laying down around 230. I heard nothing until 630 at which time I got up and took a stroll around the house. Searched out the hubbie, got a drink, consumed some cold medicine and went back to bed. 330 am came to quick. I was like the picture of excitment yesterday.

I meant to take the tree down, I meant to start putting away some Christmas stuff. Does meaning to give you a credit toward trying? It's artificial, so what's another few days, cause it's not happening today either.

I made one resolution. It's not really even a resolution, it's a promise to myself. People at work have a habit of just ripping certain people apart. Last week as I was standing outside I thought of how nasty it all really sounded. There are a few of us that are good enough friends that we kid around with each other , which to an outside can sound pretty mean. I resolved to not join in . To keep my feelings about others to myself. There are two people at work that know this is going on. I made it today, with a few instances where I could feel something coming out. They are both thinking that if I hold this all in I will eventually blow up. I don't think so, because I said I'd keep my feelings to myself. I never said I wouldn't walk away or go into the restroom and let out a steady stream of how I felt. I'm pretty sure I can do this. We were handed a flyer from our EAP program the other day regarding resolutions, or changes in your life. It stated that whatever change you make you should at least give it 21 days before giving up. Then the change becomes more of a routine and you are more apt to stick with it. I figure that on January 21st I will be the nicest person in the world (on the outside) or I will blow up.


StB said...

Nice paragraphs.

djw said...

where the hell is my 'tent' joke?