Thursday, January 04, 2007

Click Your Kids In

I do believe the law is to have your children in the proper car/booster seats and belted in. Why is it that I can drive down 27th Street or into any stores parking lot in the area and see kids standing in the back of mini-vans or in the back seats of cars? What is wrong with these people? Not just because it's the law, because your children cannot yet think for themselves, therefore their parents should care enough about them to think for them. When my kids, neices, nephews, ect.. were in my car they were buckled in. My car didn't move until they were safe.

I know that there are people who think that a seat belt will not save you and disregard it, but shouldn't one give a child a chance? And why is it that it is usually the same race of people. (oops I don't believe I typed that out loud). And that will end this rant of the day.


Hey Jo said...

It shouldn't surprise you. These will be the people who will bitch and moan and cry when the kids are killed in an accident and say that it was so unfair that they died. It was unfair to the kids - it should have been the adult who didn't make them buckle up that were killed.

J. Gambino said...

If they actually belted and car seated their kids properly they would not be able to fit so many into one car then.

StB said...

Stop complaining. I am all for cleaning up the gene pool. The fewer dumb people, the better.