Monday, January 08, 2007


I got out of work around 330 today and after listening to the traffic report opted to take Highway 100 instead of getting on the messed up freeway. Sitting at a stoplight on Bluemound I noticed the car in back of me. In it sat two young AA kids, one was smoking and flicked his butt out the window, the other had a bag of Fritos tipped toward his mouth, crumbled up the bag and tossed it out the window. They were behind me for a little while and then switched lanes. I then saw one flip into the backseat, duck down and saw a lot of smoke coming from the back seat. I was certain he didn't want his momma to see him smoking. The driver then proceeded to weave in and out of traffic nearly causing several accidents. I was at a loss whether to laugh at their plain and simple stupidity or to be angry at their total disregard to others around them. WTF!

When my kids were young I know they weren't that punky. Just from the way they are now and how I never minded having them or their friends around and how they are with their own kids. I also don't recall being overly punky as a kid. My dad put a stop to that. Why is it that people just don't care what their kids do?

As mentioned by my friend Stb, what to do on Sundays now that their is no football. I will watch the Bears choke again this year, but after that I really don't care who is in. I did so bad in the football pool at work this year that I think if I don't win soon they may take up a collection for me. I have won once, and once on an instant win. I keep telling them I'm saving it up for the Superbowl where I intend to win all 4 quarters. And then hell will freeze over.

J wants to make some camping plans. I'm all in for that. The weather we had last week was nicer then some of the trips we went on in the past few years. Maybe we should have taken advantage of that. There's just something about sleeping in that nice crisp, cool air that makes it all worth while. Something to look forward to.

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