Thursday, January 18, 2007

Well Color Me Happy

Boarder Brother came home today and told me he had news and wanted to wait until a better time to tell me. Well, five minutes later he told me that he will be vacating my home on April 1st. I tried not to cry....seriously...I smiled. I did tell him to make sure he's set as once he's out this is it, he'll have to go to K & J's instead of back here.

It's just those little things he does that are frustrating to me. Like leaving the sliver of bar soap in the bottom of the tub, like leaving a trail of crumbs across the kitchen and leaving his clothes in the dryer for 3-4 days. Yesterday I had appointment which happened to be next to National Bakery in New Berlin. I had to kill some time so I went in a got some lunchmeat and 4 doughnuts. When I brought them home I told A to eat the one with the nuts so I wouldn't have to sweep the floor after D ate them. Low and behold if I didn't come home today and see the trail of coconut from the other doughnut on the floor and counters.

Around noon today some of my co-workers and I started talking about how we could all use a beer. We made a plan to stop after work. Around 2 ish we were asked to stay later if needed and all declined. A little part of me felt bad for second. An attempt was made by the higher up boss that if we waited until Friday he'd come along and buy. We turned that down as the taste for the beer was today and they went down way to good. We stopped at Lynch's tap on Hgh 100 and Lincoln. Small bar, working class place. So I go to buy a round and give the bartender a $20.00 for 10.50 worth of brew. My change was 58.50. Being the honest person I am I quickly pointed out the error to her. My reward....a round of drinks for me and my 3 co-workers. We then got into a conversation about how we're hiring right now and all agreed that she might not be the best person for our needs at work.

The only problem with tipping a few tonight is that I have to get my ass up for work tomorrow


J. Gambino said...

I can only assume that by referring to K & J, you mean KC and Jojo.

aleta said...

No sweetie...I fully meant you and Ken

djw said...

KC and Jojo? Didn't they sing "Shake Your Booty?

J. Gambino said...

he can move on after we win the lottery and abandon the house.