Sunday, January 21, 2007

68 More Days

The countdown has begun. March 31st, not April 1st is moving day for the boarder. As I woke this morning to the usual Sunday morning sounds of my brother and his girls and their Sunday morning routine that thought entered my head. I wondered to myself how many Sundays I've layed in bed and listened to the usual conversations. There must have been many as I can answer them in my sleep:

"Dad, get up" "Yeah, Yeah, I'm up" (this repeats at least 5 times)
"Dad, what's for breakfast?"- (why do they ask, it's also some sugar coated cereal unless I get up and make them some french toast or eggs)
"ohhh, dad, I'm telling Auntie Aleta"- this either means he spilled something or overflowed the coffee pot"
"Shelby, get in the shower"- this is ten minutes of things falling in my bathroom and a yell for a towel (would it make sense to have this ready for her)
Shelby get out of the shower-more crashing and usually back in the shower to rinse the soap out of her hair.
Then there's a whole getting dressed routine. At 8 years old she still tells you she can't put her socks on. I'd let her go home barefoot.
I usually get up then and sit with her while he takes a shower otherwise she stands outside the bathroom door and yells things to him. They are like a tornado coming into our house and a tornado leaving. There is no organization and usually two or three trips back in to get something they forgot.

I layed in bed this morning and watched my husbands eyes roll back into his head. I think there may have been some steam.I said to him as I got up- 68 more days dear- 9 more Sunday mornings. There was the hint of a little smile there.

And now it is quiet. Not that I like it that way all the time but I can't take 4 to 5 hours straight of noise. Now that this room will be empty we need to make a plan. I opt for completly removing it from the house. I think A and I are going to practice saying NO for the next few years. I have to keep thinking positive as with our luck there will be someone waiting on the doorstep on March 31st. I'm sending them on to South 9th Street.


Hey Jo said...

That is great news that the boarder is moving out!! Where is he moving to? We will ahve to have a party once he is gone.

StB said...

You better hope it isn't April 1st. That would be one heck of a April Fool's joke.

J. Gambino said...

Well I guess I'll just have to wave to him as I drive by South 9th Street then, huh?