Saturday, January 27, 2007

Saturday is Catch Up Day

Saturday is not supposed to be catch-up day for me, Friday is. Since we've been working Fridays it almost like I have had one day of the week taken away from me. It was nice getting all my shit chores out of the way on Friday and having the entire weekend to relax and do whatever. I spent the day today doing laundry, cleaning and my most dreaded chore of them shopping. It was close to 3pm when I got there so it wasn't crowded, but I was once again slowed down by the hubbie. I think a few more trips together and he should have the routine downpat. I told him today if he feels the need to stroll that he should get there ahead of me to scope out what he wants and have it ready. I surely know that if I ever need to get him out of my hair for a few hours I can send him with a list.

After a loooonnnnggg week at work a few of us came up with a plan to stop for a quick one after work. The quick one turned into 2 1/2 hours and probably 6 beers. I completly lost track of time and received a phone call from A wondering where the hell I was. Oops. I had called him earlier but there was no answer. I guess leaving a message would have helped. It is a good thing he called though as we did have plans and if I would have stayed much longer I may have had to call him for a ride. At the bar they were talking about some bar that has an All You Can Drink for $10.00 until you have to pee promo. Now I'd have to prep myslef for that one. I can usually drink about 4-5 before I have the urge to go. Sometimes I have to go after the first one. So I'm thinking it would be worth it to me if I could hold 6. But then, how do they know when you pee? Is this on the honor system or what?

One of the guys that stopped with us last night cannot hold his liquor. I have seen him drink several times before. He turns into this limber worm looking thing. Jo can probably back me up on this one. He was trying to stand straight and I couldn't figure out how someone could bounce around so much and not spill his drink. I can't figure out what was funnier, him moving around or the other people trying to catch his drink or get out of the way so they wouldn't get doused.

I have 8 more Saturdays to get out of my house or be subjected to the boarder family. Tonight we are going to K & J's pumpkin Lounge for some cards. Last night K came up with the idea to also have J's parents come. He slightly mispronounced his mother-in-laws name as :Conswallow instead of Constance. Good thing I wasn't drinking at the time. I'm sure C is going to love her new nick-name. (we did ask J if she could picture it)

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