Thursday, January 11, 2007

Store Ratings

Lately on the radio I've been hearing commercials for the new, hot store in the Milwaukee area. Tuesday Morning was on my way home (sort of) so I thought I'd stop and check it out. It advertises home furnishings and clothes and stuff. It is a dump! It is a store crammed full of other stores rejects and priced way to high. If you're looking for the most hideous colors of linens, towels and pillows check it out. If you're looking for ugly kitchen accessories and old people bathroom furnishings then you'll be at the right store. I felt like I was walking around in Big Lots. Lauren Bacall does a little radio spoof on the store. I think she was either really desperate for money like other celebrities she endorses places she's never been. Maybe she got a nice gift card from them.

Another store that has been advertising a lot lately is Anna's Linens. I walked in there a few months ago looking for a comforter. It just reaked in there. I gave it a shot though and walked down two aisles and split. I'm probably better off sticking with chain stores or shopping online. Once in awhile though one has to spread their wings and see what's out there.

Anybody up for a Sunday afternoon Bears whipping? I may be able to talk the hubbie into venturing out for that one?

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StB said...

Oo! oo! I like hideous towels and linens and pillows!